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Here at ECFG LLC, we can in-house self-fund some small Green energy projects and other real estate projects (a list of the type of projects we will self-fund will be provided upon request) and for the larger ones of 10m and higher we use over 100 relationships with hedge funds, investment banking firms, pension funds, private investors etc. to secure the funding thru both debt and equity. We also now offer a HR division from our affiliate company that provides Human Resources from everything from safety manuals to monthly services. (Full details will be provided upon request) We have the ability to think outside the box and never promise rates or timelines but SOLUTIONS!!! We have several programs below that are the out of the box and the best funding options out there for acquisitions, startups and construction. These are in addition to the more traditional methods thru debt and equity groups.

We also can assist in getting bank instruments such as SBLC’s or BG’s along with MTNS’s (fresh cut and seasoned. Procedures provided upon request) and are direct to two trade desks (current programs are available upon request). We also have a seller for fuel such as D2, D6, JP54 etc.(pricing and procedures available upon request) We also currently have access to 200 Million 40 pound bags of sand for pipeline companies, etc.(Pricing provided on request). We also now for a limited time offer In-ground gold mine assets for funding thru a private investor (Program guidelines provided on request). We also now offer loans and monetization on Gems, artwork, NFL/NBA contracts, Certain bonds, and Gold/Silver. We have a buyer for gold as well. We also have a new land program that if you own the land your project will be located on and is worth 10m or higher after development we can secure 100% funding for the project thru a private investor. (Program guidelines available upon request)

Disclaimer: These programs are subject to change without notice!

Our Programs

Disclaimer: These programs are subject to change without notice!

  • Lobby Fund (NO Debt-Lobby Opportunity)

    We work directly (thru our group) with a well-respected federal government relations firm in Washington, DC, with expertise in capitalizing innovative companies in the following areas:
    1. ENERGY: Clean-Green Technology
    2. Cyber Security
    3. Transportation Infrastructure

  • Stand Alone Stock Program

    The highlights are simply this. The stocks are issued to you FREE of charge. These will be a privately held stock in your project and in your project name. The stocks will be registered on the European exchange (QIB) then picked up by the Bloomberg exchange in New York. The stocks are then sold by you and at closing are fully insured using A rated or better insurance companies using SLS policies. The stocks are insured for 150% of the face value. Once insured it pays out at 150% of face value in 10 years. You can negotiate a 2 year moratorium on the stock so no payment...

  • Up to 90% LTC-Non-Recourse Real Estate Construction Fund

    Submissions are accepted starting at USD $10 million and up. USA, Canada, Central America including Mexico, and Caribbean projects are considered for both straight debt and joint ventures at $25+MM. All other locations are straight debt only.
    1. Multi-Family
    2. Hospitality
    3. Mixed-use Commercial
    4. Mixed-use Retail

  • Land program

    The mining/Land finance program is geared for clients who have land worth more than 5 million.

    The process is as follows:

    1. The client submits the following documentation:
    a. Loan App 1003
    b. Color Passport
    c. Use of proceeds

  • 100+% Funding for New Construction Projects

    We now offer 100+ Construction on a case by case basis. Please email us for more information as this program is being updated.

  • Monetization of Hard assets/trade

    Do you have gems, artwork, gold, bonds etc that you own and are looking to have someone monetize them for trade ....LOOK NO FURTHER!! ECFG LLC is direct to several private groups and a trade desk that can do just that. For more information please contact us at 614-675-1174 for full program details.

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