Real Estate Construction Fund

Up to 90% LTC-Non-Recourse Real Estate Construction Fund

Submissions are accepted starting at USD $10 million and up. USA, Canada, Central America including Mexico, and Caribbean projects are considered for both straight debt and joint ventures at $25+MM. All other locations are straight debt only.

  • Multi-Family
  • Hospitality
  • Mixed-use Commercial
  • Mixed-use Retail
  • Golf Course
  • Marina
  • Office
  • Condo
  • Large scale resorts with or without single family
  • Medical
  • Assisted Living
  • Recreational
  • Casino
  • Re-development
  • Many More

This program considers all types of real estate development including:

Caribbean or Central America, They will also provide single family, condo, and time share mortgages to qualified buyers within the resort at favorable terms and conditions.

All projects are verified via site visit, and all borrowers via face to face meetings. All financial projections, line item construction budgets including draw schedules, permits and approvals including environmental will be verified by third party firms.

If project meets guidelines for down payment (minimal 10% currently into the project and client can bring a minimum of 10% new skin), loan to completed project value at stability, loan to costs, debt coverage ratio, borrower net worth and credit, and borrower equity invested prior to funding, funding will be non-recourse to individual shareholders or LLC members.