Lobby Fund (NO Debt-Lobby Opportunity)

Lobby Fund (NO Debt-Lobby Opportunity)

We work directly (thru our group) with a well-respected federal government relations firm in Washington, DC, with expertise in capitalizing innovative companies in the following areas:

  1. ENERGY: Clean-Green Technology
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Transportation Infrastructure
  4. Healthcare & Health IT Innovation

Our lobbying firm secures major federal funding through four sources: Congressional appropriations, Competitive grants, and Government contracts. These funds are FREE and do NOT have to be paid back. The fourth source is Low-interest loans.

If Client qualifies, they must contribute some form of 2% of requested funds prior to the lobby firm rendering their services with 7 points due at closing. If the lobby and the firm we work with decide to take on the project, the Client must be serious, have the ability to contribute some form of 2% and hire our firm prior to exploring these options. NO tire kickers please! A detailed explanation of this process will be discussed with Senior Partners within the firm we work with.

Essentially, federal funds can be used for any activity relevant to growing your business, and must creating jobs within the US.